- 30+ years of vocal experience. Always growing. Always perfecting.
- Trivia Fact: Sang the National Anthem at two different MLB baseball    stadiums. (L.A. Dodgers and S.D. Padres)
- Favorite Vocalists: Robin Williams, Rich Little, and Mel Blanc.
- Most Rewarding Projects: KickStarters & CrowdFunders


Commercial/Promotional VO
Narration/Educational/Tutorial VO
Characters/Animation/Entertainment VO
Song Vocals/Jingles
Intros & Outros for Radio Shows and Podcasts


I offer professional, high-quality, and memorable Voice Over recordings to all my clients. Why? The simple answer is, I love what I do, the creative process drives my passion, and the team atmosphere with my clients is awesome! If you are looking to add a top-shelf voice talent to your team, please contact me today.

- Patric